Tuesday, 3 March 2020

Wednesday, February 26th, 2020

Noida, India

Good Sign

I thought it to be a good sign when our plane landed in Delhi.  Vistara Airlines, on my flight, was playing pop music over the loud speakers, with Louis Armstrong singing, "What A Wonderful World" which was segued by George Harrison's "My Sweet Lord."  And as any music lovers from the 1960s know, that song ends with the maha mantra in a most joyous fashion.  Good omen?  Yes?

Our usually exuberant drama troupe began our rehearsals on "The Gita” today.  Energy was low, but the spirit was willingly enough to put out some power.  At the end of sessions of practice, Jambhavan, one of our actors, zipped on a James Brown piece.  I told him and the others to please take some golden footsteps down the hallway—a way to promote happy walking in the world.  https://www.instagram.com/p/B9CWJUzgPhD/?igshid=1ufk05oboa6ad

The troupe had just fuelled on prasadam and it was nice.  Not too spicy!  They got jovial.  India does that to you.  You can end up being joyful even in the midst of a chaotic situation.  By that, I mean that our temple in Noida is located with a major freeway ramp in front of it.  There is always a constant ‘hum’ of traffic and endless car horns tooting.  https://www.facebook.com/493443250704999/posts/2739782149404420/

Donald Trump, the U.S. President, is in India.  The citizens seem to like him.  Of course, India knows how to treat its guests.  The mentality is "whoever comes to my home is God."

May the Source be with you!
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