Thursday, 19 March 2020

Friday, March 13th, 2020

Toronto, Ontario

How We React

I was enjoying the food (prasadam) in Govinda's Restaurant, and at a time when there were several other people also pleasing their palates and soul.  I was just coming to a closure of my meal.  Everyone was quite meditative, reflective and quiet, and then I let out a cough.  It was sudden, as coughs usually are, but I quickly responded and defended myself saying audibly, "I don't have it" (referring to the coronavirus).  The room erupted into laughter, knowing exactly where my remark came from.

Yes, there was a moment of lightness.  A few people I met right there in Govinda's and the temple today, expressed how concerned they are; it was more about the fear culture that we're living in.  "There is a big hype.  The Prime Minister's wife, Sophie, has it."  People are frenzied, stocking up on food, household goods, as if the world will end in seven days.

Whether justified fear or being clinical over the issues, we must respond and not ignore an onslaught of an Enemy #1. 

(1)    We must take time to become more introspective.  Moreover, this is an opportunity to clean the house/apartment.  It's therapy. 

(2)    How about walking daily and taking in some air.  Take those beads with you for deep chanting.

(3)    Do not panic or go into depression.  Count your blessings and cherish what you have. 

(4)    Hold a meaningful chanting session in your home at night, with family and/or a very few friends. You can Skype your friends in from a distance.

(5)    Read on about the heroism of Krishna.  We have (or you have) books. 

(6)    Capture classes, kirtan, and puja online.

May the Source be with you!
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