Monday, 9 March 2020

Monday, March 2nd, 2020

Noida, India

Putting A Closure to Our Trip

Schools from the area went on a field trip (that's what we called it in my day) to the ISKCON Temple/Ashram.  The specific reason for the visit was to come and see our play in the auditorium.  Over 200 students occupied the space for the special event.  I say ‘special’ because our "Gita" presentation has some real contemporary elements to it, plus our cast is interestingly cosmopolitan.

The show went remarkably well.  The dozen or so teachers came up to the stage one by one to offer their feedback.  All positive.  I guess if you can present all which is foundational in the Gita's message, plus make it entertaining, you've got a winner.

For one month now, our troupe has been working together.  Much was accomplished over this time—the building up of camaraderie, discipline, fun—a family feel. 

Today we part and go our respective ways.  Corrado and I are destined for Canada.  We had a time to reflect on all that transpired.

About walking!  I ventured off a bit beyond Krishna Jayanti Park, to the tree nursery, and then into a massive field of grass, soft and springy under the feet.  That was a good discovery until I saw human excrement.  I was told that there's a shortage of toilets in India.  Now I see it is true.

I still love the people.  Generally they are a warm kind of folks.  I'm sure my monk attire is helpful.
Corrado and I checked in at the Delhi Airport, readying ourselves for the direct fourteen-hour flight. 

May the Source be with you!
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