Friday, 6 March 2020

Sunday, March 1st, 2020

Noida, India

I Went For A Walk

I went for a walk.  Tried to.  In my first five minutes of a stroll, one of the congregants, a male, came up to me and wanted to talk.  It started out as a slow-moving walk so I could catch all he was saying about his domestic situation.  It ended up very soon thereafter, as a sit-down on a park bench.  What to do?  He was desperate.  "I saw some of your videos.  You were talking about relationships.  So now here's my story." 

So I concurred.  "Please tell me."

What he told me was basically a horror story between his wife and himself.  Frankly, I get my share of these.  Men sometimes go through hell, like women, in their marriages or relationships.  People are looking to be heard.  And it's a plus if advice can be given.  I have limited counselling skills but I can listen and give advice along the line of coping through sadhana. 

Now something came to me today on the subject of ‘relationships.’  It showed up on my phone.  Check out the short film: "Father and Daughter" produced by Jennings and Thijssen; it was an Oscar winner.  It's touching.  It's artistic.  Moving.

Tonight our group performed.  Not much to boast about when it comes to walking but the roll out of "The Gita" performance was so well appreciated by the Noida community.  Thank you, Noida!

May the Source be with you!
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