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Wednesday, July 10th, 2013

Make It Light

Toronto, Ontario

A day becomes light when a friend is in your company. That's how I felt in the presence of god brother Bhakti Chaitanya Swami, a New Zealand native who had come to visit us for the first time in Canada. He delivered a brilliant class based on the Bhagavatam concerning the book itself which is virtuous although from a literary point of view it may not be perfect.

The deeper you go in penetration of philosophy, the lighter appears a day's drudgery because you have entered the larger picture. And after that a fruit and smoothie breakfast was followed by grave topics of concern. When shared, grave topics appear to relieve some weight and pressure on the heart.

We also had a planned drive through of all the places that our mission made history in Toronto and including the pilgrimage sites where our guru, Srila Prabhupada, did tread. On Beverly Street a Victorian period home was the first location of Krishna Love Feasts in the city. That was in '69/'70. On 187 Gerrard Street, we pointed out to our monk guest, Bhakti Chaitanya the second location for Krishna Conscious activity - a rented house in the heart of Cabbage Town, a slightly more dodgy section of town.

We then ventured by car along Lakeshore Blvd to reach the Beaches area and the boardwalk where in '75 Prabhupada was taken for a sunrise walk. Bhakti Chaitanya was determined to touch with feet the path once trodden. It's always great getting out of a car and doing what's natural. The feeling in the heart becomes feather light when you know that a path is worn out for you. Starting a trail is hard work, treading a seasoned one becomes easy.

Bhakti Chaitanya along with driver, Savyasachin, parted and I went about my day in preparation of the busiest weekend of the year for the Ratha Yatra fest. The final hour before sundown I spent in the ravine catching up on chanting my prescribed number of beads on the strand of meditation which makes the day brighter, even in darkness.

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