Monday, 22 July 2013

Saturday, July 20th, 2013

Last Day On The Blitz

Calgary, Alberta

I went to bed by 10:30 PM the previous night. Before sleeping I offered a prayer to Krishna, “Please wake me up at 2 AM,” and that’s what happened.

I fit in a measly 3 km before we took to highways 7 and then 9 en route to Calgary. Our blitz through the prairies with our road show is on fire. We are moving. By 4 AM, we had, as planned, set the keys in the ignition for an 8 hour drive to Calgary’s Festival of Chariots. We made it just in the nick of time. The route was 8th Ave. This year’s procession was featured with a flat bed arrangement upon which sat our kirtan chanting group. This device worked wonders. It allowed our chanting group to conserve its energy instead of trying to play an instrument, sing and walk all at the same time, trying to keep at a steady clip.

Bhakti yogis love chanting. They’ll do it in a crowd or even when it’s relatively quiet like the downtown of Calgary today which has very little presence of pedestrians, at least on a weekend. All went well.

We put a tail end spin to the evening with more chanting at the house deck of host Radha Madhava. We also took some minutes with a talking stick method (a pink pen) to reveal our minds about the prairie blitz amongst our performers. One person, Philippe, expressed his realization that the culture our guru created is one that whoever we meet, that was devotional, open up their doors so graciously so that we could rest and eat. He mentioned that we were made to feel totally at home.

I think it’s a significant point. For many people their house is their home and it’s not really a home for others unless they invite you. As long as you see yourself as the steward to your place of residence then naturally you’ve captured the hospitality mood.

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