Sunday, 7 July 2013

Friday, July 5th, 2013

Live on the road


​I seem to live on the road. Today it was via a coachline called Greyhound en route to Montreal with a stopover in Ottawa. I like the front seat so even with transfer I managed to be up front and to get on with bus drivers on both legs on the trip.

​Each driver was passionate about his work. They were both cut from the same piece of cloth; determined to get passengers to their destination in a safe and respectful environment.

​“ Respect? “ as Aretha Franklin would sing it. Well there was one passenger who just didn't get it. That passenger, with cell phone in hand, had a volume of voice that clearly indicated she felt she was the only person on the planet. There were at least three of us, including the driver, who had an eye-rolling session, annoyed by the woman's self-centeredness. It was not just the loudness but the length of the conversation that got under our skin.

Enough was enough and the bus driver grabbed for the hand-held PA system, “ Attention ladies and gentlemen... “He went on with his message about RESPECT and so we were finally relieved until two hours later when session 2 began.

​Some people just don't get it. Some folks have a passion for driving (as expressed before) but to the point of driving you crazy. Anyways, a mutual amiable communication became established with the coach driver and I over the ladies ignorance in addition for our passion for travel, and my version of it – pilgrimage. When not in conversation I would read, or chant softly with my beads as an aid or look out the window savouring the day when I can once again trek Highway 7 and be that pilgrim. How I relished that time, ten years ago, even the adventure and chivalry of defending myself of nasty deer flies. In the end, all was rewarding, all was gratifying.

Disembarking the bus and thanking the second driver of the day I left for the last moments on foot to reach, contemplating and appreciating the responsible work of the person who drives. Come to think of it, it's Krishna who amongst other duties, takes the reigns of the horse and demonstrates an expertise behind the wheel, so to speak.

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