Sunday, 21 July 2013

Friday, July 19th, 2013

On Broadway?

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

I took to walking the scenic route near the university grounds in Regina around Lake Wascana before the ride to Saskatoon to Regina. Quite pleasant.

What is even more pleasant is spending the time with our travelling team, what a great bunch of guys. Here we are, an actual travelling road show, going from city to city doing our gigs. Each member is self driven. The mood is “We are part of a mission. We like that our guru, Srila Prabhupada, is pleased with our efforts.” Time is tight. Distances of travel are lengthy. Each new venue has its own glory and challenges. We do foul up sometimes. A mrdanga drum got lost in the previous place, oops! The person playing Krishna’s role has no pants to wear, they also got left behind. These are minor screw ups, believe it or not, they will be rectified. Upon hitting such surprises we are a group that becomes concerned and then innovates a change and solution. Our technical sound guy at Broadway Theatre is Jack, a lovely fellow, an old hippie with beard and all (that’s Broadway in Saskatoon by the way).

It’s day number 2 with my emcee duty. I’m rather liking it. It was a proud moment for me to introduce Chief of Police for Saskatoon, Clive Weighill, to the stage for a message. That took care of our ksatriya (warrior) guest. Then I called on Father David from the Holy Family Church to represent the local brahmin sector, a loveable person he is.

I hope they don’t mind me saying this but, by the ending of the show at kirtan time, officer Weighill along with his wife danced up something wonderful along with the rest of the audience. Father David also took in the dance moves in the narrow space between the stage and the seating. Jack also swirled around on his feet joining the crowd. The event could not have been much better participatory wise. I thank the Great Power under the prairie sky for the occasion of a topmost celebration.

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