Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Apurva and Me

Toronto, Ontario

Our cook Apurva just loves moving his feet after the morning arati. He’ll do it alone as he often times has to, but when I’m around it will be a routine question from him, “Are we going?” I don’t decline very often unless I’ve already tackled the sidewalk and put in some kilometres before the arati. So this morning we left for a jaunt in the Annex area.

Apurva came to me with a different question now, “Can you cook?” Meaning the noon cooking, a rather substantial amount which includes doing some preps for Govinda’s, our vegetarian dining facility open to the public. He knows I have a passion for culinary activities, and with all the aftermath of a 2 day intensive festival just behind us, he had become a bit short staffed.

Cruel as I was, I actually passed on this one, even though he came to me as a desperado. I committed the sin and felt the weight of guilt with initial apprehension. I should have sprung up in enthusiastic anticipation. It was short notice, I was caught off guard, and it met with a stunning mode. I really don’t like to let someone down, especially him, but I had to be honest about my availability. Fortunately we both got off the hook so to speak, when in the moment of ‘what to do’ a person volunteered. Apurva had a sigh of relief.

I like cooking almost as much as I like eating, in fact, I was flattered when at my last kitchen endeavour I put together a veg and spice concoction
and Apurva began tailgating me for the recipe. I say that with affection. The prep was tasty by the way, a squash and cauliflower combination.

In conclusion to this simple narrative I simply want to say that I really appreciate all that my god brother Apurva does, everything from his walking to cooking to being a stalwart at morning arati, meditation, studying , to orchestrating kitchen work and finally to being a good friend and always wanting to keep in the company of those who reflect an inkling of what is spiritual.

Thanks, Apurva, for being who you are.

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