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Friday, July 26th, 2013

Shaping, Achieving

Wiarton, Ontario

It has been quite some time since seeing Cypress Lake and the Grotto along the east coast line of the Bruce Peninsula. These are natural treasures to hike to and indulge in. They have become popular places for the folks from the city. The word is out that the coast line at the Bruce Trail is a true getaway.

We have come up with a name for our youth van tour and it is called KCAT, an acronym for the Krishna Canadian Adventure Tour. While the younger members like the shallow lake of Cypress with its warm water, and where they really can’t get enough of it, the entire group did however take full advantage of the deeper pristine invigorating waters at the Grotto. For me, the dip is like a reincarnation to a higher species. Still, I got a charge out of seeing species in the hundreds tackle the rugged terrain of jagged to smooth rounded rocks while circumventing the ancient cedars. I admit my browse at the Gita was intercepted by the cautious trekkers who got to take a break from boring city sidewalks.

Philippe was showing chords on his acoustic guitar as Priyam was listening and following on hi harmonium. As foot passersby were charmed by the music and adjoining lessons, they also got to hear the soft melodic maha mantra emanating from Philippe’s lips.

On one rock shelf someone accidentally had left their camera behind. It was interesting to view people’s curiosity at the sight of the lost item, and yet, draw no notion towards “finders keepers, losers weepers”. They walked right by knowing it belongs to someone. Our KCAT group members have become comfortably like a family. The sharing spirit contagiously is taking on a great shape. Even last evening our coordinators for the day, the Hannah family, staged a mantra rock concert. At that time, Philippe graciously slipped in with his mic’ed harmonium. Devala and Aravind also put their instruments, mrdanga drums to the live sound of the band Rajasi, and the fusion was phenomenal.

We are achieving what we set out to do, building up friendship and confidence amongst the youth in a Krishna Conscious environment. To spur on this spirit the group spontaneously executed their own creative rock sculptures of deities and balanced configurations. Creative it was.

14 KM

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