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Sunday, July 28th, 2013

The Look At The Week


We received our first serious rain this week, but the downpour didn’t really come until our last member of the group completed the course on the zip lining activity at Gatineau Park in Quebec. This activity was also scheduled as our last outdoor event before putting a cap on our trip.

We popped into the Ottawa ISKCON Centre for a meal and then kirtan before the 2 hour drive to Montreal, this was our destination to present our youth fest. I asked Philippe to orchestrate a rehearsal, a drum demo and then a kirtan while I gave a talk to the congregation on the simplicity of bhakti, devotion. I was so proud of the group’s presentation, it almost brought me to tears.

Here are some of the evaluations by the participants of KCAT (Krishna Canadian Adventure Tour) after completing a week of travel and devotion:

Emily (20):

“Living together in a van is a way to get to know somebody quickly.”

Attreya (13):

“I love the zip line place, also all the kirtan we had.”

Radhika (14):

“I learned how to be more patient.”

Philippe (22):

“Relished the association and every single fun-filled day.”

Ganga (14):

“We learned so much, like for example how to be together as a group. I really want to do it again.”

Aravinda (15):

“This tour was personal, thank you Kapil, thank you Maharaja.”

Devala (19):

“It kept my mind engaged. I think it would be nice to contribute in some way to the management of the tour.”

Hiten (12):

“After having this awesome time, it will not be my last one.”

Rsab (18):

“This trip helped me increase my japa (chanting on meditation beads) and gave me an exciting week of doing outdoor activities which I greatly enjoyed.”

Kapil (27, driver and organizer):

“Being in a smaller van it was easier to pack and drive. I noticed that everyone enjoyed all the activities and were able to bond amongst each other.”

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