Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Monday, July 1st, 2013

July 1st

Ottawa, Ontario

July the 1st marks the birthday of Canada. It’s an opportunity for people to get together for a good time over smoothies or beer. And at the Nation’s capital at Parliament Hill much activity goes on attracting the secular and spiritual population.

Every year near the War Memorial we, “the Krishna’s”, set up a stage with speakers, microphones and awnings to accommodate our chanting sessions. I participate on a yearly basis. I make a point of it to come and to lead the chanting.

I believe it to be the liveliest event of the year for those of us who are delivering. What are we delivering? Answer: Mantra. How was it received? Phenomenally well. Very well! The public just lit up when they saw our party of chanters snake and smoke our way through the crowds.

Wherever there’s an opportunity, we will be there to sing the song and for you, the public, to dive in there with us and shake a leg. The slogan “all is one”, as the folks who prescribe to the philosophy known as “mayavad” would say, or as Dr. Bronner’s soap container would read on its label, with kirtan it is most appropriate.

Chanting unites. Happy Birthday Canada!

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