Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

“Best Use”

Ottawa, Ontario

It appeared like an endless bus ride, but it did end, like everything else.
I was also at the end of the line, practically the last passenger on the Greyhound destined for Ottawa. That meant little to no choice for seats; I ended up right next to the washroom. It didn’t smell so good being there.
“Make the best use of a bad bargain,” our guru Srila Prabhupada, used to say. This adage of wisdom can apply to most circumstances including the part that I have this body which is temporary and poses problems. Still this machinery, with its defects, can be a most useful tool in accomplishing my goals which should take me beyond the effort to just survive.

I looked at the bright side of things regarding the seating arrangement I had to settle for. I had the best seat for stretching my legs being at the end of the aisle. It even topped that over the leg room that the bus driver had. I should be a happy chappy.
For the use of time, I believe it was well spent going through final pages of the book “Radha-Damodhar Vilas”, which details the lives of two American monks, Vishnujana Swami and Jayananda Prabhu. It delineates the pioneering of Krishna Consciousness in North America during the late 60’s to the early 70’s. It’s a good read as far as outlining the spirit of the time through the testimonies of so many who lived through it all.

Those were enthusiastic, creative and do-the-needful times. We were “just kids”, you could say, but we were serious about our spiritual side. For some of us that mood endured.

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