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Thursday, July 18th, 2013

Do More Of That

Regina, Saskatchewan

A young student from Toronto, Darshan, a young monk, Maha Mantra, and I headed north on Albert Street after a night rest and a flight that took us westbound. As we walked, we were spotted by several people and one of which pulled over her car intrigued by the novelty of devotee attire.

This one woman in particular, perhaps in her late 60s came out of her car and approached us, “I just wanted to ask, are you Hare Krishnas?”

“Yes, we are,” I replied. She just lit up and came back with:

“I remember seeing you in the 60s, you were into love and peace.”

“Well, we still are,” I said delighted by her thought. She then added a last statement, a suggestion.

“You know, you should walk more so that people can see you.”

“I’m really trying to do that ma’am, every day.” As I said this she made her way to her car and as she was going in that direction she no longer appeared like a 60 year old + person, but was a teen in her reminiscence. My two walking companions were rather stunned by the response of the public just because we were out there in Vaishnava attire.

Later this evening the same two companions would not be recognized by those motorists that saw us. Maha Mantra would be found in a tight, full bodied morphed burgundy suit, and Darshan would be covered in a rich blue hue body paint portraying Krishna; both on stage at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum for a Gita: Concise performance. In the lobby after the rendition was done, I had several people remark about my direction on the play, “You should do more of this,” and I came back with a, “Yes, most definitely we will.”

I want to thank Regina’s mayor for attending the program.

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