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Tuesday, July 9th, 2013

Millions of Ways

Mississauga, Ontario

My theme for the marathon walk in southern Manitoba has been dubbed as "a friend-raiser, not a fundraiser." Yet, today, for the sake of fueling, the coming Festival of Chariots financially, I took to raising cash, coin, card, or in kind to address the budget. My dear friends Rupa Manohar and Vishva drove us to the suburbs visiting annual donors.

At some obscure mall in the outskirts of Toronto's downtown, we popped in to a "Sara Lee" dress shop. We had a great chat with the owners in their back store room flanked by gorgeous evening gowns that were hanging all around us. For assistance it was mission accomplished. We then moved to a dental office to the head of the clinic who is a yearly contributor. Despite his extreme absorption with his profession he had enough time to drop everything for a few minutes (even his patients) to greet us and to leave us a generous donation. From here we shifted to a car dealership whom had never entertained a monk in his establishment before. Again, kindness was demonstrated.

Thank you all.

In the evening I slotted time for an hour long kirtan at Bhakti Lounge. This brought me to the downtown when I did not ask for donations but rather, time. Attendees were invited to the weekend spiritual festival. Being students, most of them are not in a strong position 'to give', but indeed they can contribute in some other way by serving the exotic free feast, keeping the grounds at the festival site clean, loading and unloading things. And if none of the above fits in, then at least a person's presence tells a whole lot about getting down to the spirit.

There are millions of ways to serve and millions of ways to surrender.

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