Sunday, 7 July 2013

Thursday, July 4th, 2013


Toronto, Ontario

​The Warped Tour is a music circuit of “ transy dancy ” type that moves around North America. There are the faithful fans of the tour that follow wherever the bands play. It's a culture and a chunk of that culture are the Hare Krishnas. How so? Madhukari is the name of a Krishna monk who comes up from the States not to hear the concert but to distribute books on higher consciousness. He, with four other brahmacharis travel the circuit and came to town for an overnight stay at the concert before moving on to Buffalo. Followers of the Grateful Dead circuit were known as the Dead Hoods but you would never call these boys the Warped Heads because they are absolutely straight in their aim and mission.

​I was sitting down at an appreciation dinner for the former council members of our temple operations when Madhu walked in. He and his team are also praiseworthy for their austere lifestyle, travelling about with no real fixed address, no girlfriends, no restaurants, no meat, fish or eggs, no drugs or drinks. Sound blend?

​Not a chance! These guys are dead serious and they are loving life. They have picked up on the essence of monkism. Shining examples of renunciation. They resort to being celibate as much as they understood what it means to “ celebrate “.

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