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Wednesday, December 5th, 2012

Last Day in Cuba

Varadero, Cuba

We were remarking to each other how the creatures at the sea work so hard for their food. Bird's in flight scan the water's surface and search. Crabs lightly prance over wet sand, very hungry. Then we saw this dog, or rather his derriere, as he was shooting out sand from between his legs. He was working feverishly for a moving morsel. I guess it was his scent that detected the crab buried in the sand. He could hear something moving, He was digging with those two front paws and was so concentrated on his work. We were impressed with his determination and his obliviousness towards us who were practically standing on top of him looking at him with amazement.

Eventually he gave up the hole he enlarged and then darted for the next crab hole, going at the same pace of earnestness. "Life is tough in the search for food" was the realization Hayagriva and I came to as we took our last day's trek along the beach at Varadero. It had become a daily affair: being observers or an audience of such little wonders.

When we made it to the resort's buffet it wasn't much different, not so much the hard work for aspiring food and picking at the choices but the enthusiasm that goes behind the satisfaction of tongue and stomach. While there and being part of it all I tend to feel a little gluttonous, guilty at least knowing that outside the resort area the local people have so little.

Sweet people they are: the Cubans. Because of their more meagre situation, you don't see the obesity as in some of our tourists. They look pretty fit. Some spiritual injection to check out such imbalance will help out. I guess that goes for both tourists and non-tourists.

Our last hour at the resort was spent sitting and reading at the pool where practically everone looked like a monk, being covered or wrapped by the same pinky-orange towel. I was just catching a final nap before the flight home. A woman from Chili walked by and then stopped when I was reading the Gita and asked, "Hare Krishna?".

"Yes that's right!"

"You are here as well?"

"Yes, that's the idea: to spread a higher consciousness to as many places as possible." After all we can't just give all attention to tongue and stomach. We've also got a soul to look after.

The final, final hour at the Varadero Airport was spent with our thirteen person group waiting for our metal bird and getting a small entertaining session from young Dhruva (6) who was doing his Michael Jackson dance interpretation.

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