Monday, 17 December 2012

Friday, December 14th, 2012

Clarify, coach and council
Fredericton, New Brunswick
The Saint Mary’s Boat club off of The Arm Waterway was the site of my trekking. I managed to make the most out of a relatively small area in which to move around. I took to the wooden deck built around the clubhouse, repeating circumambulation. When I got tired of that, then I made my circles in the square tennis court. I also took to walking the grass itself, to whatever limited stretch the park had to offer.
The mission is always to move my machinery every day in order that it may continue to operate nicely to the service of Krishna.
So for His service today, I anticipated a 4 hour drive with Mukunda to Fredericton to meet with a wonderful couple, Ron and Tiffany who are expecting their first child together. We had a great meal together which included her freshly baked short bread cooking which are offered to Krishna to become prasadam.
I do have a particular fondness toward this couple, it was Ron who joined me on the walk last spring. His coming was a real treat as we talked about everything under the sun. Here again we engage the couple in conversing in everything dealing with the topic of comparing Christ to Krishna and about what constitutes illicit sex life.
It is my pleasure to clarify, coach and counsel anyone who may ask for it, as long as concerns remain within the realm of what a renunciant could offer. Mukunda is also a young newlywed, partnered with a fabulous Hladini Shakti, a local girl. It is important for me to give some attention to young family folks who are just beginning to gain a footing in life, and to ensure that life should be spirit-centric.
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