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Thursday, December 6th, 2012

Some Word – A Gift
Toronto, Ontario
Mayy eva mana adhatsva are the words I wanted to share today. Being December, the time where many places in the world there is a giving notion, here is my giving.
From the Gita (which was spoken in December, we have these words, mayy – upon me, eva – certainly, mana – mind, adhatsva – fix. Put this together and it reads like so:

“Just fix your mind on me” God is speaking here in the verse 12.8.
This is a tall order or suggestion – surrender your mind to me. The return is good though. Check this out – the next line , mayi buddhim nivesaya. This means, be intelligent about it. Spirituality doesn’t require blind following. How is surrender of one’s mind intelligent? Well, ultimately putting all our eggs in one basket – into secularism, does not work, it’s dumb. It’s smart to invest into the soul. We are all going to die one day. It’s as blunt as that. It’s the naked truth, the soul is what’s left.
Let’s get back to the return or the benefit. Here we go – one more Sanskrit word, nivasisyasi means,“You will live with Me.” You will get to live with that divine person. Birth and death will be at cycle’s end. So the deal is to “go spiritual” and move to safety and satisfaction. You can take this “sharing of words” as just words if you want, but apply it that at least you’ll feel lighter and more free.
Legs are for walking and words are for contemplating and hopefully for applying. Some years ago in 1995 I contemplated an 8,000 km walk. I applied, it was done. I have no regrets.
Apply yourself, try something, go spiritual. There’s nothing to lose. Live happily. This December, share the gift of the Gita.
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