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Friday, December 21st, 2012


Toronto, Ontario

The enthusiasm was oozing over. Anshul was supremely excited about the day, Winter Solstice? That it is, but that was not the reason for his joy. The world did not end today? That’s true, the prediction proved false, but that is not what inspired him so. The reason for all the zealousness was that he and several other young men and women from our community were going out on a marathon.

Anshul, in his electrifying energy, stumbled and tripped while carrying a box of Bhaktivedanta Book Trust publications meant for the book marathon distributions. The box slipped from his hands and fell onto the stair landing creating a thud sound that echoed in the temple room. A group of us were focused, hearing presentation on the infamous stroke of the sword against the pillar of Hiranyakasipu, Anshul felt himself humbled in a stumble.

I ran to see the source of the sound and there I found him on the landing, but maintaining a resilience as ever, unphased by the fall. He picked himself up and gave an oceanic smile. It’s people like Anshul who reflect a group of youth that are on fire to share Krishna consciousness.

Internally, it has been declared that this month is a book marathon with emphasis on passing out Bhagavad Gita and other publications on Bhagavat philosophy.  Anshul was anxious to get out the door. He was fighting with time in a haste to get to his destination.  Anshul delivered books to a crew of four, headed by Menaksi, who had set up a book kiosk at Union Station, and they ended up selling for the day 450 books.. Not bad for the sale of spirituality. I guess there are some bright lights at Christmas time.

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