Monday, 24 December 2012

Sunday, December 23rd, 2012

A Fellow came Knocking

Toronto, Ontario

A fellow came knocking at our temple door asking if the AA meetings are still being held. Yogendra answered the door and mentioned that likely the meeting for Alcholoics Anonymous likely is taking place across the street at the church of the Messiah. People often mistake the two buildings as they are similar in architectural design and have a similar exterior Kingston limestone.

Thinking very swiftly about the situation, Yogendra responded to the fellow, saying, “But I do think you’ve come to the right place.” The fellow took up the offer, sat through and listened to the message of the Gita, participated in the chant, and the food – all special features of the Sunday open feast.

That was last week. His attendance at AA was missed. He decided to come to visit our place the following Saturday out of sheer curiosity for more of this kind of mantra medicine. He really liked, once again, what he heard, saw and tasted.

This is not to say that AA meetings are not helpful. Their systematic approach to getting people off the bottle is effective and has helped many a victimed soul to conquer and lick or kick the habit. In mainstream society, liquor has become a major addiction. The other day, corey from Halifax, while on a walk with me, mentioned that sitting down is the new cigarette. Indeed, sedentarianism and smoking are current addiction, but they are nothing that a good daily walk couldn’t cure. Drugs and sex are additional addictions, taxing the people of Kali Yuga. Recently someone asked me if I’m a healer, and I responded by saying, “Yes, in the sense that I prescribe a medicine called mantra medication. Take this name and apply it to your lips and tonge and you can get healed and get free from birth and death.”

Our new comer is getting something out of all the chanting. It might be a cure of param dhstva nivartante, a phrase from the Gita that means a higher taste upstages a lower taste. In this regard, our friend must really be benefitting from coming to our spiritual gatherings. It goes to show that the spiritual component can be so vital to a person’s well being.

Would it make sense to put up a sign outside our door which reads, “Welcome All With All Your Addictions”.

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