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Tuesday, December 25th, 2012

Whenever I Sense A cold

Maple, Ontario

Whenever I sense I’m coming down with a common cold, which is happening, I take a few steps to attempt to stave off the bug. Maybe my routine will be of some help.

1. I especially snuggle myself up in bed at night to the point where it’s almost a sweat experience.

2. I consume food that’s hot in temperature.

3. I also enjoy, despite popular opinion, a mug of hot milk because it heats up the body.

4. I take a little extra rest.

5. I will also, despite popular opinion, brave the cold weather outside, bundled up of course, if the cold is mild and go for a hard walk. This provides warmth and clean air in the place of the dead sickly air of the indoors.

6. Finally I ask for someone in the ashram to give me a good head massage using mustard seed oil. This really does heat the head.

While Vineet, one of our ashram dwellers, was providing me this last service, a head massage, he was relaying how he helps his elders in the state of Gujurat, when on parikrama (pilgrimage). In that part of India there’s a very sacred place called Dwarka, it’s Krishna’s city, and it attracts millions of people who go on foot pilgrimage. Vineet assists his elders by providing leg and foot massage.

Massage is good for many things, including the stimulation of the airs in the body. Walking and massage go so well together, and when you have a cold, I’ve found that mustard oil feels like gold when under that condition. Anyways, these tips as well as chanting to keep up the spirit, you might like to implement.

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