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Wednesday, December 26th, 2012

Boxing Day with Invisible Boxing Gloves
Toronto, Ontario
Members of our community, the younger sector, were in a frenzy to get some books out on the streets. While the passion of Boxing Day sales persisted (from what I could see, mostly electronics and clothes were the attraction), books like The Higher Taste and the Perfection of Yoga were flying out of the hands to reach shoppers.
“Yonge and Dundas is crazy,” said Manish, an accomplished artist from our community. It was so congested people were looking and finding bargains and they came in droves.
I also found myself being in a shopper’s mode, but not by choice, for a stage prop I needed for a new production, I also took advantage of the outrageous sale prices. I ended up haggling with the merchant to get my bargain. Generally, it’s not my nature to do so. I really prefer to dodge purchasing goods all together and to keep to monastic tasks, but you do what’s necessary, right? It was interesting– what I would call a fierce psychological tug of war over the price.
My trekking through the Kensington area, Chinatown and the downtown to make this purchase was not in vain because always, always, you make your journey in pilgrimage and qualify it as such by walking and chanting simultaneously. What followed the shopping was the show that must go on, at least the rehearsal. That’s how I ended the day –preparing for a showcasing of the message of the Gita in dramatical format. My 2012 Boxing Day was highlighted with a family reunion. Two sisters, siblings and a whole cousin dynasty, Corry Riken, my cousin, hubby Eric, posted a get together at their downtown Toronto apartment or condo for the holidays. At these types of familial events, I can actually overlook a dead bird on a platter scenario, and I could also highly appreciate the great clan and cousins that I grew up with. We always loved each other. We were moral and we weren’t the swearing kind.
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