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Friday, November 30th, 2012

Cool Place

Matanzas, Cuba

Hayagriva and I did our beach walk and made it to the beach's end before turning around. In some way it is a pleasant experience even though a brizzle sprayed us wet and clean before entering the Atlantic waters. There we conducted, while fighting waves, our sadhana, singing in honour of guru, sadhu and God. Beach walking isn't always a treat. If you go long enough walking its acute angle, it definitely disturbs the skeleton somehow. That's why the turn around. It's necessary to balance yourself by reversing directions in order that the leg that stretched itself extra on the angle now gets the chance to shorten itself on the return journey.

The Cuban beach is not unique to this dynamic. It appears to be a reality at every seashore.

What we do find unique about Cubans is their generous nature. Alex was our cab driver from Varadero to Matanzas, a mere 50 minutes, and he really opened up to us. He is a part-time engineer professor at the university. Driving tourists to and fro between resorts and the airport consumes the rest of his time. He has his share of passengers ranging from what you might say are decent folks to drunks and prostitutes. He really got a charge from hauling a monk and his friends around. It doesn't happen every day. He has familiarized himself with the Bhagavad-Gita and has explored self-realization. He mentioned that he has his mother-in-law, a difficult person at times, but because "she is the mother of my wife I see her as my own mother."

Alex did not charge us for the lengthy ride. He has a heart. He also came to our opening of the first Krishna centre in Cuba. Our female crew from Canada got behind the cooking showing the local females how to use Indian spices while the male counterpart assisted the organization of this milestone event.

Here's what we did: Kirtan, a talk, more kirtan and then a feast. We got the okay from authorities to conduct the event which filled the room of warm and lovely people.

Cuba is a cool place!

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