Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Sunday, December 9th, 2012

Watch Your Step Please

Brampton, Ontario

How important it is to have traction when feet are in motion and to see to it that you have a good grip on the ground.

That truth analogous to, gripping on to the reigns of dharma, values and principles couldn’t be more applicable in life. It just so happened that I was unprepared for the slippery asphalt under my feet. I could have easily made a fall. The footwear lacked the traction necessary to address the near freezing rain which covered the ground. And so, with an evening attempt at walking, it became more of a cautious stroll, a baby step trek at times.

I reflected on the talk I gave at ISKCON Brampton this morning asking the group of listeners whether they thought that Bollywood film viewing enhances their spirituality or not. I asked point blank, “Do you believe that Bollywood is good for your spiritual life?”

I saw smiles of confession, the consensus was clear. The heads started nodding, “No”. Admittedly, motion picture material generally goes in the direction of sensuality, maybe it’s even erotic, I don’t know. I’m a monk and I didn’t peruse through these things. It might have been noted that I asked the question in the first place because I know the people are more than peeking at the stuff.

Coming from the spiritual point of view, the Bollywood subject matter lacks morality for the most part. It’s a slippery route. If you read or watch the Mahabharat, you’ll get your dose of violence, but the romance is rather tame.

In general, exposure to mundane activities is always a slippery slope to take. You get your traction and grip in life through nitih, morality.

We just need to watch our step.

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