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Sunday, December 16th, 2012

The Girl With No Problems
Halifax, Nova Scotia
Her problem was legitimate, “I’m not interested in having a TV. I don’t need a microwave or a dishwasher. I don’t care for so much furniture. I have no aspiration in acquiring a Porsche, in fact, I’d rather walk to work. I could easily be a home person. I could have lived in the 50’s, I’m not from this time…”
On and on she went explaining her misfit life, her not fitting into the crowd. The young woman was sitting next to her husband (both devotees of Krishna) when she expressed herself articulately after dinner. I was listening to the apparent problems she has with the materialistic world in which we live. I was happy hearing her speak for the sweet way in which she denounced modern amenities. I really wanted to say, “Man, you have no problems.”
Both she and he concurred on the principle of KISS (keep it simple sadhu). I admired their harmonious feeling toward the principle of avoiding clutter in their lives. You don’t see this attitude very often. What truly seemed to work in her favour to get to this point of realization was when she was raised by her parents in relative affluence, “I could get anything at my disposal,” she explained. It just wasn’t fulfilling enough for her, the world of things. In fact when she met some monks in downtown Halifax two years ago, it was a genuine God sent experience, “These are the kind of people I want to be with.” She then came to a gathering of devotion and soon after ended up marrying one of the boys who was on a retreat with one of the brahmacharis (monks).
As I heard her tell her tale, I persisted in being deeply happy for her. I relayed to her hubby that he had a golden girl. I accompanied the couple to “The Hub” making it the third stop for the day where chanting and philosophy permeated the atmosphere within the walls of two homes and this one weekly rendezvous spot. I managed a brisk walk with Corey, and avid unicyclist, between venues.
Reverting back to the girl with no problems, she actually has this worry, “I don’t like to do what other people do or want, I’m different.” Of course, she has my applause as she enjoys kirtan, reading the Gita, serving God, and other such non-mundane endeavours.
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