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Thursday December 20th, 2012

Will There Be An Aftermath?

Pickering, Ontario

Every ashram seems to have its own conspiracy theorists, if not one, then more than one. I asked our local unofficial theorist, whether he bought into the latest hype about the supposed Mayan theory that the world would end on the 21st. Harakumara is his name and he’s been involved in devotional service since ’72. His response, which came out with a laughter was, “No way, anytime you put out a specific date, you’re setting yourself up to be a target.”

I had also struck up a conversation with a young fellow on the commuter Go Train concerning this topic, “Do you believe we will be here tomorrow?” I asked. “Yes, I’ll be here,” he said, humoured by the question. We both went on about doomsday scenarios and the impact that initiators of such theories have upon the public. It is rather incredible the power that is born from someone’s thought or concept which transforms into speech and then action. When Orson Welles narrated so expertly, The War of the Worlds, of aliens attacking the Earth over the radio airwaves, people became so convinced. Indeed, the power of speech was such that many Chicken Littles suddenly hatched all over the place.

Personally, I will stick to the Vedic literatures to reference the world’s end. According to those revelations, it’s a very long wait. It offers a round figure of 420,000 years from now when the elements will consume us all. The world will be so spoiled that the universal toilet will need a flushing. It might be a challenge to those who make a schpeil about annihilation, but I would suggest to do sufficient homework before you declare to the world that our shaky ground will totally crumble. Check the character of those who speak and are on a doomsday mission. We have our saying in our devotional circles, “guru, sadhu and shastra”. In other words, “consult with the master”, the teachers of the spiritual and holistic tradition, and the sublime written teachings of timeless truth.

I feel empathy for the golden tradition of the Mayans who have been slightly slandered by all the propaganda. As I compile this blog’s entry news has come out that Australia who is hours ahead and well into the morning of the 21st, that the kangaroos are still jumping. Let’s wait ‘til the day ends to see what happens. I’ll be hopefully chanting should devastation strike us suddenly.

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