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Wednesday, December 12th, 2012

Coyotes Are Back
Toronto, Ontario
Coyotes are back. That’s great news! Especially because it is in the core of the city that they have decided to make their habitat. We should rejoice, after all, we’re in their territory. Two years ago a coyote swallowed someone’s Chihuahua. The owner was outraged, if not sad. There was also an opinion by the public whether the predators should stay or not.
With my walk on the Belt Line Trail today, I had come to know by certain signage along the way that these beautiful wild dogs are roaming the ravines. It looks like the city has decided to accept their return. How mature. It was also Pat who told me about them. Pat and her hubby Tracey I’ve known since ’96 when Tracey drove his transport trailer across the country and bumped into me. I was on my first walk then and that’s when I met the couple. I consider them pilgrim friends. By some providence we are repeatedly crossing paths. It just so happened that I was not wearing my robes in order to spare them from mud splatters. Pat spotted me miles away anyway. She knows me by now. I never really get the chance to talk to Pat or Tracey about spiritual subject matters, but it’s always about nature. Tracey, who now owns his own trucking company stood up for devotees of Krishna several times in conversations with others. He told me of at least two instances where he came on with a tone like that of a powerful ksatria warrior speaking in our favour. He tells of how one fellow trucker had spotted me on the highway and that I should have been run over. When Tracey heard that he felt like a hungry coyote going for his prey. In other words, he defended me. For this reason I like Pat and Tracey.  Whenever I meet them,  I like to meet them on the trail and I hope that one day I’ll see a few coyotes on the trail right here in the heart of Toronto.
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