Monday, 10 December 2012

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Then and Now
Toronto, Ontario
It becomes so obvious how the culture’s shifted when I look at the attention given to dogs.
While I was walking the Rosedale residential area, I overheard a man who was walking his 2 dogs on his one leash in conversation with a young teenage girl about her dog on a leash. They were stationary at a point where I was passing by, I could clearly catch a piece of the conversation. He was inquiring what breed hers was and then praises of each other’s dogs began. As usual (I’ve seen it time and time again, the dog is the conversation piece, the point of reference, the initiation to communication. I had a flashback to the 50’s when I was young, to seeing families together in a yard. To seeing baby buggies and mothers talking and even sharing the breastfeeding to each other’s babies. That was baby boom time and the shift now is dog boom time. I may be repeating this story from a past entry but I can’t help noticed the changes for better or worse.
As I continued walking, I at one street juncture, I almost bumped into a Philippino nanny who was pushing a baby buggy. I concluded within that infants are still being produced. The difference between the Rosedale of the past and the Rosedale of the present is that the biological moms are working now and can’t give the time that parents used to give their offspring.
For better or worse?
7 KM

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