Thursday, 31 May 2012

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

In the New Brunswick Country

Phillipstown, New Brunswick

The rain was pounding on the pavement of Hwy 112. It was filling the sky and it was cold rain. It was 4 AM and Daruka with Nick and I as passengers were headed for the destination of my starting point for the day. The mind went in somersaults. Do I walk now, get drenched and become miserable? Do I or can I transcend the situation. At one point I told Daruka that maybe we turn back and I walk for six hours in Moncton's shopping mall or a large sports complex.

We finally arrived at my start point, which is the finish point of yesterday - a covered bridge, a common landmark in the province. I decided, "until the rain subsides I will pace under this shelter while chanting on my beads." The rain did indeed stop. Glory be! I took to the road again.

A local man pulled over, said he read about the walk in the paper. He was talking about bumping into interesting creatures. Last year he accidentally hit a 400 lb black bear with his vehicle. Moose come by his yard all the time. He never met a monk though. It was nice of him to stop and ask if everything is alright.

The feet kept prodding along on this quiet road. After every 15 minutes an automobile would pass. The Canaan River was next to me. Cracks are in the pavement as I make simple observations. Tim Horton's coffee cups are still the #1 bit of trash tossed out motorists' windows.

When 30 Km were reached Daruka, Nick and I re-dried ourselves for a kirtan and dinner at Carole Coleman's herb farm called Tansy Lane located in Albert Mines. It is remarkable what this retired lady is doing. She has inspired young men from the local area to come to her farm to build, to plant, prepare soil, to cook and then to eat what is cooked. Carole, like a number of people in the area, value the self-sustaining way of life and that's the direction in which she's going.

We preceded our meal with kirtan in the company of the aforementioned folks and including the monks of the Krishna House in Nova Scotia. This down-home event was just a beautiful God-centered country-style get-together. Somehow I felt a strong presence of our guru, Srila Prabhupada, in the room. This is the type of life-style he so much endorsed.

30 Km

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