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Sunday, May 27th, 2012

Empty and Full
Moncton, NewBrunswick

Dieppe is the twin city to Moncton and is primarily a francophone community.  The two cities are physically divided by the Petiticodiac River, a snaky stream of water that goes empty at the ocean’s low tide and then abruptly fills up with the moon’s pull.  Tourists come here to view the highest tide in the world.

From Meramcook I walked along Hwy 106 until it suddenly ended to merge with super-highway 2, the Trans Canada Highway. Lo and behold an alternative grand road was spotted by Daruka.  This became Hwy 132 bringing me past a retail strip, restaurants, and churches with full parking lots.  The United, Catholic, and Kingdom Halls were filling in with parishioners as I walked by. Some folks noticed me.  Yes, I’m different, but still believe in the same God.

At Patrice’s place where Daruka, the brahmacaris and I have been hosted more faithful people of the new age kind filled his backyard for my delivery on yoga walking.  “I walk the line, and this has nothing to do with a Johnny Cash song.  Walking the line refers to treading the path of dharma, duty, responsibility, or obligation.”  I went on to tell stories of my duty as a renunciant who roams to learn detachment from this world.

I also engaged the crowd in learning a verse from the Gita.  They thoroughly enjoyed 18.54, a message about being joyful in transcendence, being above mundane desires and lamentation.  To follow, when the brahmacaris rolled their drums and we inserted the maha-mantra, it finally became dance time.  I bet that the followers of the churches on the other side of the river were not dancing -although no less enlightened.

It was a gathering of great souls who were drinking in the aural beauty of spiritual sound and moving physically to that sound.

I want to thank Patrice for his helpful massage.  I also want to thank Jagannath Misra of Burlington for his financial support and Murari Gupta of Miami for assisting in many wonderful ways.

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