Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Monday, May 21st, 2012

That Always Works
Sylvester, Nova Scotia

The mother of two initiates attended the fire ceremony this morning. Hans' new name is Hayagriva. His mother, Sylvie, is from Quebec and she seemed delighted to be present. Nora, a local Nova Scotian and the mother of Matt, is also relieved that her son is brighter and happier these days. Matt's sanskrit name is Mukunda.

Several Haligonians came out for curiosity's sake to witness an agni hotra, a fire sacrifice, as the ancients would do. Correction - our version is a bit modified yet it inculcates the most important ingredient, which is mantra chanting.

Andrew, who recently arrived from a training program, took on head chef duties. He was checking out exotic recipes as a group of us returned from a japa trek through Pictou.

We handed him a clump of dandelions we gathered along the way. Even I rolled up my sleeves to make a pakora batter to make fritters out of them. They came out delicious.

At 'Phoenix Rising Yoga Studio', we were requested to speak. "What did you have in mind for me to speak about Nancy?" I asked the facilitator.

"People want to hear about your walking experiences," she said. So on we went delineating on the accounts of pedestrian pastimes. Her guests, if I could use a sixties expression, a groovy group, heard of my inspirational moments.Their questions centred around karma, reincarnation and expressions of Islamic extremism in our world. We topped off discussions with mantra participation once again, a formula that always works.

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