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Tuesday, May 8th, 2012

Walk Through Life
Toronto, Ontario
"Of seasons I am flower-bearing spring," states Krishna in the Gita. Yes, God is in there. You can feel Him. He's in the air. You get the whiff of the lilac and when treading the ravine it's more like the white flowered garlic mustard with its powerful aroma that permeates the air.

With that freshness in the atmosphere pedestrians also seem to bloom as they promenade through garden residential areas, on the street and in the ravines. That's what I see and that's what is felt on my own afternoon journey. What could be closer to Vaikuntha (heaven) than this? Fortunately this piece of perfection, felt, heard and smelled, is in our midst right now; unfortunately it doesn't remain. But that in itself is the learning curve of nature. You get used to the duality it poses.
"Do not become attached to the reverses of this life," is the real message. There is beauty and there is ugly there is gladness and sadness.
"Honour and dishonour" the Gita addresses are to be treated with equality. Don't embrace either one or don't get hooked on either of any form of dualities as they lead to disappointment. Of course, one can appreciate any opposite partners when connecting the wonder they offer to the creator of them both. Yes, even harshness, as opposed to softness, shines in its own beauty as it has its purpose - to help the person experiencing it to develop detachment.
The world is bipolar and yet we, practitioners of bhakti (devotion), are discouraged from allowing ourselves to be pulled this way and that. Our fixation is service to the Creator of this colourful up-down, yin yang world. It's very entertaining and this can so easily be experienced as we walk through life.

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