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Friday, April 27th, 2012

I Have Impressions

Toronto, Ontario

I have some impressions of this morning’s walk with a phys-ed guru and her aging dog, a business man and a young woman from way north, Sioux Lookout. Well, we were shaking our heads in disbelief over the weather these days. It was one degree Celsius when we opened the door to hit the air. Temperatures are a game of a vertical yoyo these days.
We were alarmed by the number of notice boards of condos going up in our neighbourhood. I thought, an infringement on the sky. Why, oh why can’t structures remain a height below the tree tops?
A new streetlight was given a home on Yonge where there was no home. At least this facility provides safety for us pedestrians, where it was not before. This became a positive thought.
Pedestrians were eyeing us with a curious glance. We were an interesting small procession, devotionally garbed, and with a hefty pushy black dog. The meager public at this hour, 5:30 AM, had not seen this about us before. Yes, we like animals.
Back to the temple and back to a beautiful completion of the morning sadhana, spiritual workout. The phys-ed guru left for her home to tend to family, the business man left within minutes to go to his business. The Sioux Lookout girl, the northern Canada small town girl, and who lives in the ladies ashram section, sat reverentially before the deity of Krishna, and I sang with devotees, and then lapped up with my ears the message from the speaker of today’s Bhagavatam verse. The day then followed with dealings full of devotion and people. Fairly hectic.
A hightlight of the day came from the words of a friend. He mentioned about impressions he had on a recent visit. His host had a monitor in his apartment, which said “Hello, I’m God, I’m in charge, you can relax today.”
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