Thursday, 31 May 2012

Tuesday, May 29th, 2012

Make Good In Little Time

Cherryvale, New Brunswick

June bugs have come and gone. With their life expectancy to be very short due to overexposure to light - act like gurus informing us about the temporariness of this physical world. I was more inclined to see them outside people’s doors as they were keeling over for their last breath. They were not to be seen on the road.

While going west on serene Hwy 112 the postman in his car veered over to my side of the road. He extended a newspaper, the Times Transcript of the city of Moncton and said, “have you seen this yet?” The front page, with a photo, featured an article entitled, “Walking Monk Visits Metro.” The story continued on the last page.

“Thank you!” I said as he offered a free copy.

Media coverage has been good. At 6:30 AM 99.1 FM News Radio had me graciously explain over the air, live, the mission about pilgrimage walking while I was on the road via calling in. Tyler McLean did the interview that lasted a good 15 to 20 minutes. I had the honour to say the entire maha-mantra over this news channel. So the word about trekking and chanting got out there.

Then at break time “Faces” magazine arrived for an interview and photos for their night-life publication. I guess I do fit in to the entertainment category in some unique way. Thanks very much Julien and Ben.

Finally the enter-enlightenment did come in the evening. Kimberly does aroma therapy and used her studio as our venue for kirtan. Being another great networker for new age directions she managed to fill up her space with spiritual seekers. All there had an awesome time with chanting and sharing their realizations.

What a day! We may come in this world and disappear after a short while, like a June bug, but what’s important is what you do while you are here.

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