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Friday, May 4th, 2012

Milton, Ontario
Walking Learning Talking
Lalita Krishna, 63, became a monk in Singapore in ’71 when he was young and looking to find life’s purpose. He recently felt symptoms of bodily weakness and discovered he had cancer. Quickly he went for treatment, and doctors say that things are going well for his recovery. From time to time I would bump into him at a spiritual function in Dallas or at our West Virginia retreat, New Vrindavan. I didn’t expect to see this kind soul in the hospital in Columbus.
We had a tearful exchange of words speaking about the fragility of life. Such also was a theme that I carried minutes after visiting him at the Columbus ISKCON Center situated near the Ohio State University. Students and congregants came to also hear about the more stable life of a renouncer based on Krishna’s message from 5.3 in the Bhagavad-gita. What a great flow of questions that were aroused. The individuals there projected themselves into a monastic lifestyle, tasting the simpler path over the complexities of the higher maintenance of life in the modern world.
I was picked up at the Toronto airport after a stop over in Detroit from Columbus. Little opportunity availed itself for much walking today, yet Rajnish and his kids took me along a creek (name unknown to them), yet flowed through Lake Chincagousi, and then later merges with the Humber River. By night-time I was greeted by a Bhakti Vriksa group, a devotional gathering of folks who meet regularly at the home of Aindra and Prema Gaurangi, a sweet couple hailing from Mauritius. Questions and answer ebbed and flowed after my delivery of the sankya and bhakti yoga comparative study. We are all learning. We have many questions, in fact, the moment we cease to ask questions, we are as good as dead.
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