Thursday, 31 May 2012

Mantra : Music Dance Drama

Enjoy an evening of entertainment from the Krishna culture of India with interactive mantra music, traditional dance and a theatrical drama about the wisdom story of Dhruva Maharaja, Prince of the Pole Star. Brought to you by students of Bhakti-yoga currently on tour across the USA and Canada.

The Krishna Culture Band presents ancient mantras sung in kirtan style, the call-and-response spiritual music from Bengal, India. Join with the audience in a choir of voices and be transported on a musical journey to a land before time, carried by the melodies and rhythms of a clay “mridanga” drum, hand cymbals and a harmonium.

Enjoy Bharata-natyam, a South Indian temple dance with origins in the culture of the Deva Dasis, where women who would take a monastic vow to marry only God and no one else. See the Drama and Theatre in The Story of Dhruva Maharaja, Prince of the Pole Star. A long, long time ago on Earth there lived a young prince named Dhruva, heir to an extensive kingdom. Unfortunately, Dhruva had an envious stepmother who was the king’s favorite queen. Come see the performance to see how the story plays out.

Opening the performance is Rajasi, who will play a transcendental rock set with a mystic mix of traditional vedic mantras and english over a groove of guitar bass and drums as well Hare Krishna mantra reggae.

July 12th, 2012

Doors open at 5:30PM. Show starts at 6:30PM.

Mountain Theatre:  526 Concession St., Hamilton, Ontario

For more information, call 289.389.1822, send an email to or visit

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