Friday, 11 May 2012

Thursday, May 10th, 2012

The Artist/ The Magic

Toronto, Ontario

Shyamasundar is like me. He moves about with his eye like an artist. He notices the architecture of the buildings judging the modern stuff as looking bland and Victorian homes with a charm. The trees, bushes and what's natural is also something to be observed and appreciated. His eyes are wide with wonder as we strode along streets in our early meditational ordeal of chanting japa.

Having come fresh out of Israel Shyamasundar, who is credited for putting his beautiful brush to all the oil paintings adorning our temple walls, remarked that the Dead Sea where no fish live due to the intense salt content does something mystical. All the trees located near the incredible sea of mineral salts offer sweetness as in the date trees. "This is Krishna, the Creator's amazing design!" he remarked.

When he said that it was with a child-like innocence; that there is an amazing surprise that he spots at every turn and at every corner. He went further on to say to me in the topic of beauty. "When Prabhupada (our guru) was in Rome devotees said that all this (the palatial buildings) was maya (illusion) implying we shouldn't be interested. At one particular site Prabhupada took a hard and appreciative look saying 'this is beautiful'."

From these words coupled with my own meagre revelations it is hard to avoid seeing Krishna as what is pretty, what is dynamic and awesome. I continue to relish trekking in such great company with the Creator's ambiance in my mist.

10 Km

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