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Wednesday, May 2nd, 2012

Gifts From Cleveland
Cleveland, Ohio
It's day number two for me here in the city of Cleveland. The place boasts having the Rock N' Roll hall of fame, attracting tourists from all over. But for me being a monk and a walker, I'll take exploring a new trail any day. In any event, the offer was on, "I'll take you where you want to go," was Jatayu's offer.
So he and I and the couple Kaustubha and Tiffany took off for Fort Hill by Rocky River.  With the hot weather at 80 degrees Fahrenheit, many folks were out in the cool ravines walking or running. We were taken by the skunk cabbage (nasty smelling stuff) while three young men who were so very obviously under the influence of something else green, asked us, "So what's goin' on?"
What did go on minutes later was the Wednesday night gathering at Dayal and Tanya's home, which is a weekly stimulator for the spiritually sincere. I was really impressed by the quality of questions asked. After my delivery of words based on the Gita's verse 5.2 emphasising action in devotion over action in ambition. A grainless ekadasi feast followed. Everyone seemed happy in the spiritual company of each other.
A great America Krishna saint, Jayananda, was born in Ohio and raised in Cleveland as a child. Had we known the actual location of his home at the time of choice, we would have driven there with Jatayu as the driver. Jayananda's claim to fame was his skilled and genuine ability to interact with everyone he met, in a personal, selfless and human way. He was so much loved and appreciated in the early pioneer days of a surging spiritual movement.
I feel fortunate to be in 'his town', and especially with the coming of his passing in 1977, 2 days from now. Jayananda died from leukemia, but lived with Krishna on his mind.

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