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Monday, May 14th, 2012

Sweet Trek

Toronto, Ontario
It became a sweet trek. They all are, but today it's special. At 22 degrees Celsius, everybody's out and are relatively happy. So am I. I've got a good companion taking strides with me. Dhroova's his name.
He came from Montreal to participate in our New Vrndavan drama performance titled after his name. I only tagged on "Prince of Anger and Peace" to complete the label. Therefore, we have, "Dhroova, The Prince of Anger and Peace", a story of a young ksatriya (warrior) who had been abused which fuelled a fury in him.
I'm glad that my walking associate is not the angry type. Although he's named after the character from the book Bhagavatam and he personally conveyed to me that in his upbringing there were some harsh times, he did not succumb to this emotion or at least he's not showing anger.
A lot of that control has to do with his training with the monks in Halifax for three years solid. Additionally he travelled with a very charismatic brahmachari (monk), Jaya Keshava from Liberia. Their travels took them to many temples in the States. And what was that all about - the travelling and training?
Its' about performing acts of humility. It's about menial service such as cleaning the toilet bowls, washing pots, sharing in doing the laundry, approaching strangers and trying to encourage them into spiritual understanding with books on that topic. It's also about getting along and helping each other. It's a little like boot camp but more.
This weekend I will be headed to Sylvester, Nova Scotia, where we have established an ashram for men, a place for training and bringing out the best in young men and where they prepare themselves to deal and cope with a crazy world. I am longing for that visit and anticipating to see more quality persons come from this place of learning and training. I'm looking forward to seeing the calibre of men like Dhruva.
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