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Friday, May 25th, 2012

This Day Wins
Kensington, Prince Edward Island

This day wins, hands down, for interaction with people. I suppose the great weather had much to do with it. It's the weekend now and from Summerside to Charlottetown (the general area where I'm trekking) the density of population increases. It was the pedestrians and not me that took the initiative to say something first.

"I read about ya' in the paper. Good luck!" was the message. Eric McCarthy's article "Chants, songs, and bulrush part of monk's first day on trail" appeared on page 2 of The Journal Pioneer and so people responded very well.

At noon we converged with the monks of Nova Scotia and chanted in a procession through Summerside's main street. That was a rarity, perhaps never been done before in this sweet place. Then we rushed to a Wellness Centre in Charlottetown for kirtan and relaying pedestrian pastimes. Dancing with the mantra really took off in a nice way followed by questions.

One attendee, in particular, asked if I had any stress. I had to think about that one. She had assumed that life in the renounced role is rather carefree and being a foot pilgrim is for the most part fairly carefree. She's right but as long as you are human there's going to be some anguish over something. Naturally I have concerns about my own community as there are ups and downs, successes and failures amongst all of us.

The woman, Tanya by name, really got me thinking. And here's what I put out as of genuine concern. I explained I bear in my heart a daily heaviness for the future generations. I see a general instability in many young persons' lives. The quality of food, lifestyle and environment that the next generation is born into are not as wholesome as it could be.

It did shake me knowing that this is a consistent thought. And yet I picked up my spirit with hope when I see two of the young persons, Mitch and Ryan, show up for our second satsang gathering for the day. We reflected on the Gita verse 3.14 and discussed karma yoga and how to channel your senses, mind, intelligence and soul in the service of the Supreme.

It was a winning day.

27 Km

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Anonymous said...

Happy to know that I really got you thinking. : )
It was a lovely afternoon.
I left work on an intuitive whim to meet with you
and pleased that I did.
"Simple living and higher thinking"
Much love ... Tanya