Friday, 1 June 2012

Thursday, May 31th, 2012


Jemseg, New Brunswick

This splendid dog, part German sheppard, followed me for atleast 3 kilometres. Frankly I really needed his company. I had no brahmacaris with me today. The area, on Hwy 715 was so scenic, by an endless lake (it seemed). The air smelled sweet, perfumed by the trees after the freak rainfall. The road was quiet. It's paradise here. Still I hankered for some companionship having been spoiled the last few days with saffron-clad association.

God sent a dog - a new amigo. As time ensued and metres were gained on foot this company, although fine, triggered some anxiety. When will the owners come in a huff and puff and blame me for luring away their pet? This anguish is very real. It's happened before. It so happened that a friendly neighbour who showed some interest in our pilgrimage agreed to hold our young canine friend until I was out of sight.

It goes to show that no matter what path, career or otherwise you take in life, there is always a dose of anxiety. Worry is part and parcel of this world.

There was interaction with others as well. Two ambulance workers on their lunch break got curious about our travels on the road. And a response to the media coverage of the walk demonstrated itself in many ways. Finally a woman decided to walk with me, along with her dog, to show me the stone church near by. It's open 24 / 7. She was intrigued when I told her I was trekking to encourage people to get to the spiritual side of life. It resonated with her when I said that there's much directionless youth that need some pointers. According to her all the homes in the area are occupied by single mothers and that that was not good. She also said when church attendance declined many social ills set in.

An evening program at a Saint John library drew some locals to hear about our spiritual walks. The day was divine!

33 Km

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