Monday, 18 June 2012

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

Moving With The Sun

Repentigny, Quebec

At village St. Suplice the road divides. I decided to divert from Hwy 138 to sneak a few minutes out to the more quiet and scenic trail. Fortunately this trail looped back to the main road. I have no regrets about the diversion.

The sun, by 6:10 AM was held well enough into the sky. It caused a glistening on the St. Lawrence waters. One woman had come out onto her front porch for some meditation. She then saw me walk by. I happened to turn my head her way. She offered her pranams, folded palms. I nodded, looked away and then back to acknowledge her gesture once again.

"Bonjour!" I said
"Bonjour!" she remarked. She introduced herself as Catherine. I explained my walking mission. She went on to express what was on her mind.

"You know it's Father's Day today. My father, a good man, passed away in 1982. I wonder where he is now? I thought that likely he is some kind of priest in a place like India. Then you (referring to me) walked by and I thought perhaps you are my father." I was touched by her thoughts and especially of the fact that she was fond of her Dad and that somehow I became a part of the story. I confirmed with her my Krishna Conscious allegiance and I appreciated her spirituality. I moved on. Much earlier I met Jeff and Alex who had indulged in a party. There were hundreds of teens exploring with life. I relayed to the boys my passion for pilgrimage walking and I admired them for not being too drunk like other kids whom I saw passed out in their packed vehicles along the way.

As the sun scorched out towards this days zenith, five young devotees from our Montreal community joined me. We chatted over relevant subjects to do with Krishna Consciousness. People in the town of Repentigny especially took notice of our singing "Guru Vandana" a song which honors the guru.

The day's finale happened at the Montreal temple at 1626 Pie IX Boulevard. I spoke about fathers and the supreme one as stated in 14.4 of the Gita.

28.5 Km

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