Monday, 18 June 2012

Friday, June 15th, 2012

The Earth and Some People

Louiseville, Quebec

Okay! It's early and I feel what's under me is hard. It's asphalt. When I switch periodoically to the shoulder of the road it feels soft. The ground is soft. God made the surface soft and we make it hard. There is also some camomile plants that are growing along the pavement. That is also soft to the feet. It also smells so fine in the freshness of the morning. The Creator made these plants smell good. After two hours pass by, a school bus turns a corner and passes in front of me. Innocent young faces reared their heads like an owl does. What do the kids notice? A monk. It's unusual for them.

Isabel in her early thirties (is my guess). She sees me now on the open highway as she is driving somewhere. Somehow her heart tells her to stop and offer a ride. I reply " Merci beaucoup! I am walking toute de Canada." I expresed. "This is my fourth time doing so and I'm hoping to encourage a walking spiritual culture."

She responded on the verge of emotion "I just lost my two children and so I deal with it by walking eight kilometeres everyday.p I get my peace. I used to live in Montreal but I moved to Louisville to get some quiet. That's what I needed. I think it is great what you are doing."

I did not inquire about her children and the circumstance. I just wanterd her to say what she wanted. I let her know that Daruka and I can be contacted. She went about her way- happily I'd say.

Pierre from "The Echo newspaper expressed appreciation for the cause of the walk but mentioned that their paper expresses no views of religion or political positions. Good enough, at least he really liked personally what we were doing. Of course, there is nothing political in the agenda here and the walking mission is purely a spiritual non-denominational and universal message.

28 Km

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