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Wednesday, June 20th, 2012

The Presence of People
Les Cedres, Quebec
Next to Hwy 338 is the Canal du Soulanges. Next to it is a superb bike train. With humidity up I was tempted on several occasions just to jump into the canal's waters. A swim would be nice, and it did come. At St. Zotique on Lac. St. Francoise we did dip into cool waters with our tanned heads and snow white legs. At least I was the tanned one- exposure to the sun from the walking.
The "we" I'm referring to are a group of devotees from Montreal who organized a second day of outdoors satsang, spiritual association. We had a great meal and a refreshing water program. I find that spiritual gatherings do not have to remain indoors. If we look at the tradition of sadhus, holy men of the mendicant kind, their lives had much to do with the out-of-doors. Even in the order which I follow, the disciplic succession known as the Brahma Madhava Gaudiya line, the great teachers conducted lessons and teachings in outside venues. A tree or some shade created by some stretched cloth would offer shelter. And for mode of transportation it would always be feet. Of course we are looking at pre-aircraft and those wretched things called automobiles were not yet conjured up.
I do feel that being in this traditional element (and very much within the elements) allows me to feel company of these past great teachers. Physically they may not be present, but in spirit yes. One way to perceive this by having the coming of the current followers of our order with me. In the greater Montreal area I've had the pleasure of having companions with me. For instance, yesterday a group of Krishna Devotees arrived at my trekking trail for a picnic and then a discussion on Bhaktivinod, one of the outstanding teachers and song writers of the science of devotional service. In this way, merely by speaking about him on the anniversary of his passing we felt him in our company right there at the St. Lawrence river.
By speaking about individuals you automatically have put their invitation out there and they do accept that welcome.
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