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Saturday, June 16th, 2012

From a Sincere Heart

Lenoraie, Quebec

Yesterday I accidentally stepped into a poison ivy plant when taking an aside water discharge break. I know this plant so well and I'm very sensitive to it. Once I got to shower which was at our Montreal centre I rigidly washed pthe ankles and had my clothes washed immediately. I whipped out my cow dung soap (a gift from Mauritius) and went at it with a passion. After I dried myself I applied some tilak to the area. Thid tilak cured my last infection once the rash took hold.

Now this morning I spotted more of the venimous stuff. I was careful to avoid. Located nearby on my walking path (Hwy 138) was some growth of jewel weed, an antidote for the poison ivy. I rubbed the jewel weed juices into my ankles hoping that enough was done to stave off a problem.

Life is like a stroll through the wilderness. You have these dualities all around. Some plants are friendly. Some are not. You must know your enemies and know your friends as you trudge along and treat them accordingly.

The jaunt along this portion of the St. Lawrence River was really sweet. There were quaint towns like Berthierville, and Lenoraie. One posh home had these two 20ft. awesome palm trees growing in their front yard. That is rather remarkable for any place in Quebec which has its incredible cold season.

Daruka and I in the evening held kirtan in a park in Laval. We were accompanied by two young couples from our community. We were sitting on the grass and doing something that was very grass-roots for Hare Krishnas to do; playing the drum and singing our hearts out.

One other very impressive thing that took place occured as I entered the ISKCON Montreal center for a shower and nap. A young woman approached me in the building's foyer. She is from Africa originally and asked me from deep down in her sincere heart, "How did you know when to surrender completely to Krishna? I'm wondering if I should give my life to the service of Krishna full-time or not?"

Natalie is the young woman's name and she has taken a keen interest in the Gita's philosophy for some time. I explained that she wouldn't know if it is her calling unless she tries it out. The benefit of exploring and living it would have some extraordinary value. "Do try it. You will need a mentor and I'll help in whatever way I can. Blessings!"

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