Monday, 4 June 2012

Sunday, June 3rd, 2012

Upper Stoneridge, New Brunswick

For starters this morning a young married couple, out of fascination, took to walking with me. One hour passed. I felt blessed that they were there for me.

From there, I was alone, but not really alone. The knower in the heart is always with me. I stuck by the Trans Canada Trail. It took me through the back entrance of villages such as Douglas, Keswick, and finally Upper Stoneridge. I'm getting to know more birds just by their sounds - the throated sparrow, the blue jay, the red-winged black bird. And visually there are fierce aerial battles between crows and minor-sized birds.

I passed by a pasture and sang to the holsteins. I passed by a pile of manure and in a deja-vous moment spun back in time to life on the farm as a youth pitching the wild and stenchy stuff onto a manure spreader. I passed by a park with a base-ball diamond. That vision melted the heart for a passion again as a youth.

Ron from Fredericton came to join me. He and wife Tiffany are becoming serious practitioners of Krishna Consciousness. Ron was to accompany me on the last leg of today's trek. He handed me a card with a quote from Kabir, "the flute of the infinite is played without ceasing and its sound is love." It was Ron and my introduction to each other. We did chat those last two hours and stayed on our chosen topic - to do with the fun of spiritual life. As our trek came to a close, young men on their ATV units began to dominate our trail which was otherwise quiet.

Ron and Tiffany invited the monks and I to their home for a family and friend get-together. Ron's mom and brother came to partake in the sweetness of the maha-mantra. It was a first for them and if I can predict, it may not be their last. To put a closure to our gathering I humbly requested Ron and Tiffany to please share this sweetness and to impact some lives.

With Fredericton as their home, their base, they agreed.

30 Km

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