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Tuesday, June 5th, 2012

Here Is Krishna

Woodstock, New Brunswick

It was that perfect silhouetted moving image. I heard rustling next to me and there he was, gorgeous and huge. Gracefully decfending a steep hill just a few feet from me was this moose. Set against the sky were tall coniferouses that he passed by. The moose projected these clean contours of himself. ON seeing this I could not but help to say to myself, "Here is Krishna in the form of this wonderous animal." For all that artistic awe that it invoked in me, I had to say, "Here is Krishna."

I also got to see humans. The McGuires from Millville are a couple who offered me a ride. I had to decline and to explain my feat (or feet) of walking the nation. Mr. McGuire asked that I look him up the next time I'm in Millville. Another Millville resident pulled over wishing well the feet feat.

And what of Allison? She is a journalist from the paper, the Bugle Observer, and had great questions. Among them was "How many pairs of shoes does it take to walk the whole of Canada?" "Four," I said.

Daruka and I and of course Billy, his parrot, are now without the company of the brahmacharis from Nova Scotia. Out of the 8 monks, half of them split for the ashram in New Glasgow, the garden needs tending to, and the other half left for Toronto to hear Prabhupada's teachings from visiting swamis.

My walking area today had been in the Woodstock area near Hwy 105 along the Trans Canada Trail. For the first time in many days, I had a break from holding any formal or even casual speaking programs. Daruka and I drove a 2 hour stretch southbound to Saint Andrews for an overnight stay at a couple's trailer home. Rob and Joanne are a bhakti yoga couple who run a whale watching business. It is now early June that they prepare themselves for the summer wave of tourists. Prepping their boat, adjusting their mind set for an intense three month sensation over water. I have been on that sail before and seeing those huge mammals, whales, that rival the size of the moose. You are left to wonder, "Here is Krishna." Anything of size and majesty can lead us to this vision.

29 Km

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