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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2011

Walk Before the Storm

Toronto, Ontario

It was told to me that weather was rather tame while I was away to India. Then Sam, an Iranian born novice to Krishna Consciousness, said, "They're expecting snow with several centimetres." Another person talked about a storm.

With mind gravitating to thoughts of turbulent weather, I thought of the tsunami, Japan, the tragedy. On my desk was an envelope from Hillsborough, North Carolina. I had opened it just minutes before. The contents were actually forwarded messages of appeal for help. Some devotees from Japan are desperate because of what nature's wrath had brought on. It was a response to the nasty earthquake and the subsequent wave of destruction.

I also was receiving messages that at least two of our temple ashrams in Canada are undergoing financial tightness. I could feel the wonder panic that the treasury reps were experiencing. How did this turn come about? This is the time of the lean months and with certain unavoidable circumstances it is what it is. My immediate response was "Cut! Cut!" There is a storm in my mind now.

Then "walk it off" I thought. "Walk before the actual storm hits." So I submitted to the self suggestion of walking off the storm. I had slept a good six hours and woke at 12:30 AM. I walked. Places were closing such as bars. Drug marts and Sobey's Foods remained open for their 24/7 public catering. People were inside purchasing and getting ready for eating, medication or make-up.

We are always getting ready for something. For the next life? No! Few are. Some are waiting for storms to come and will seek shelter once it arrives and then wait for things to settle.

There is always anticipation. Without that you are dead.

The storm did come, much later, but it came.

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