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Friday, March 25th, 2011

What's Your Song

Toronto, Ontario

I heard about it. Now I saw it for the first time - the speech by Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computer company. He said he walked seven miles to get a meal at the Hare Krishna temple. "I loved it," he said, referring to the time when he was trying to get himself through school.

It's amazing the distances people go on foot to get something. And I remember the Jolson song, "I walked a million miles for one of your smiles...."

My purpose in walking this morning, like all mornings, is threefold - air, exercise and God. The walking is done with a chant. The chant is non-different from God.
It's God in the form of sound. "Hallowed be Thy name!" It's sound for the soul.

I read in the "Toronto Star" today about the sweet sound of complaint. The article speaks about a newly formed choir called the Toronto Complaints Choir and how participants feel good about venting through singing. To quote one woman, a member of the choir, "It's about making fun of complaining, and complaining in fun."

An excerpt from their first ditty goes like this:

Why do the Maple Leafs always lose?
I hate getting tiny rocks in my shoes
Stickers on pears pull the skin right off
Please use your sleeve when you sneeze or cough
The TTC (transit system) is not so great
Crowded, expensive, always late
We are people, not sardines
Not everything is about you, teens!
We don't want to hear you gripe and moan
It's called a cell phone, not a yell phone

I sometimes hear peers gripe and complain when they don't chant. Krishna devotees do also carry an attitude about the world, condemning the forces of the age we call Kali yuga. But it's chanting that appears to dissolve the attitude of peeving.

In one sense it's nice to hear that people are singing out or away their woes. Think how much more powerful the mantras are. Hare Krishna.

7 KM

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